Things I'm loving... and not loving.

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here are some things I'm loving this week...

Getting to hang out with a 'real' pirate today - who was also wearing a tutu... 


Yes, it's true... I do love Grover (so far).  We've had Grover for just over 1 week now (hubby did a post last night about his new parrot here).  Already Grover has gone from being scared of our hands to hopping up onto our finger for a treat.  Apart from the occasional loud squawk (while I'm in the middle of an important phone conversation)... and the messy seed husks on the floor around the cage... and my husband's obsession with making the parrot toys... and the extra large pile of parrot library books found all around the house... I do rather like Grover.

This "Mr T" teeshirt (found here).  I used to have a crush on Mr T. when I was young (hehe). 

The fact that our kids don't mind our weekly takeaways being a cone each from the drive through at McDonald's... a rather cheap weekly treat if you ask me.

My early Mother's Day present... a 'tin' wallet.  Pretty cool aye.  

And not loving...

That the baking session with the boys yesterday ended up with a $160 dollar trip to the dentist today for Symon who cracked a molar in half on a bit of Master 8's baking (see here for his post about it).  Ouch (for the tooth and the wallet).  

At least I have a pretty wallet even if it's empty. 

Haha - what things are you loving/not loving at the moment??

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  1. Grover is GORGEOUS!! and bummer bout Symons tooth...ouch!

  2. Best post in ages! BTW... you're hot ;-)

  3. Eeeeh! Owch for the tooth. And that last photo is AWESOME. Love it. :)

  4. Not loving the pollen count that is making me sick, but loving the rain that's washing the pollen away!!
    Ouch to the broken tooth!

  5. I love the "tutu pirate"... I've had a "ballerina superhero" take up residence here.
    I have to admit I like your perspective about the pretty wallet (even if it's empty)! Way to look at the positive!

  6. Anonymous5:31 am

    love that last shot PJ!!!
    Not loven' the trip to the dentist...not so fun
    hehehe your little one cracks me up and the t-shirt too
    basically your post is what I am loven' today

  7. Anonymous5:31 am

    ps Grover doesn't look quite as miffed as he did in the first pick...things are looking up

  8. haha! Love the pirate patch and the tutu!!!! Too cute!

  9. I'm not convinced on the whole bird-loving thing - I remember you had a dog once.... hahaha.

    Ouchies on the tooth and wallet! Not nice!!!

    And with everyone else - cool-as last shot!

  10. Thanks for your comments about the last photo guys - I took it while on our anniversary time away.

  11. I hope the tooth fairy will sprinkle healing dust on Symon's poor tooth!

    I love the wide range of feeling and styles in your gorgeous photos :)

  12. I don't know what photoediting programme you are using (or if you're just fantastically talented) but I am loving the colours in your photos - loved the retro look and love this fresh popping clean look too...


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