Time Out

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, July 04, 2010

The girls and I desperately needed some time out yesterday.

Not the naughty kind of 'time out' where you have to go to your room or sit on the naughty chair... this was the kind of 'time out' where you have to go to a café and sit on a chair for AT LEAST half an hour, drink yummy warm drinks, talk and giggle and just be girls.

I like that kind of time out... it was healing to the soul and just the sort of thing my two little girls and I needed.

Not long before Symon and I are off on our adventure, and I am going to miss my family sooooooo much!

I think some 'time out' with the boys might be next on my "to do list".

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  1. Yep I like that kind of time out too. :)

  2. Oh my gosh they are so cute! And yay for girlie cafe time! I had time out with Reuben on sat.... at Chipmunks running around and doing boy stuff- super fun and can't wait for cafe dates with my little angel

  3. Anonymous6:39 am

    love that...so so good to do
    off on a little adventure with the Scientist this week
    love having that more intimate time with the kids when I can

    love and light PJ

    ps saw Cooper this past weekend, he is doing great!

  4. Lovely, and those 2 girls are just so cute like their Mum!!!

    Exciting, not long to go until the trip. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. You lining up some posts for in your absence like all those famous bloggers do??? You'd better!

  5. i want a time out with you gals!

  6. looks so nice! :)

  7. My 3 princesses ;-)

  8. You sucking up for a p4 mobo, Syms? ;-)

  9. Mommy time is always the best!!

  10. Your little girls are adorable! It is so important to take these fun kind of time outs in life! You can never get enough of them though:) Warm yummy drinks and laughter and talking sounds delightful right now!


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