Hanging in Korea

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, July 17, 2010

We have arrived safely in Korea after a long and very turbulent 12 hour flight. So amazing being in a different country... off again on a long flight to Israel tomorrow.

I'm really liking our room!

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  1. Cool Kristy! Turbulance is.... an adventure for the pilots. Makes a long trip interesting for them (or so I've heard!). Enjoy that view!!

    Yay for you!!

  2. More more more... Please.

  3. Wow! What a view!
    Glad you made it safe... bummer about the turbulance, hopefully your next flight is better :)

  4. Enjoy the trip Kristy! Be safe.

  5. Oooer...turbulance! Sounds like you handled it well! can't wait to hear more...

  6. ew turbulance. ew.

    you're going to blog through your holiday? cool!

  7. Hope that hasn't put you of flying.....

    Love the photos! Have fun.

  8. glad you made it halfway safely - can't say I've ever had a really turbulent flight before

    Enjoy your next flight :)

  9. i <3 <3 <3 korea...*sigh*
    have fun!! xo

  10. COOL! what an awesome surprise to hear form you!! didn't realise you would be posting again till you were back home!!!
    awwwwl feeling for you about the flight :( hope the rest is smooth.

  11. Anonymous11:51 am

    ahhhh there she is!!
    too cool room there lady
    thanks for keeping us in touch with your where abouts though I am sure it has more to do with family and friends then bloggers....but I thank you anyways!!!
    love and light

  12. I had no idea I would be blogging from a hotel in Korea!! I wasn't going to while away - but it's pouring with rain here, there's free internet access and it's either blog or kereoke!

  13. safe travels the rest of the way

  14. Well done Kristy! The view from your room looks amazing!

  15. Ohhh cool!!! You have a whole bunch of fun kristy and stop in and let us know your progress when you get internet connection!!!
    thinking of you on your HUGE adventure!! How AMAZING. Just you and hubby. In Israel. Wow.

  16. So fun! Yay! :)

  17. sounds great so far!! hope the jet lag didn't wear you out too much! take care and take heaps of pics :)

  18. Oh my gosh!
    I've finally had the time to catch up on blogs..and I remember hearing you mention you were treking to Korea.

    What city are you in?

    Wouldn't that be so funny if we ran into eachother randomly..hehe!

    Aww..I hope you're having the best time and enjoying yourselves!!

    Love Love!


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