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By PaisleyJade - Monday, May 03, 2010

I am thinking about starting my own business... as a tour guide for public toilets in my city.

Would you believe that I just about know where every toilet is in every shop/park/restaurant where we live.  I've discovered toilets that we never knew existed, even though the shops have been around since before I was born... all thanks to Miss 3.

You see, ever since toilet training began last year, Miss 3 has an obsession with making sure she checks out every toilet in most stores (and homes) that we visit.  She often comments about the different types of toilet paper, whether the public toilets have hand towels or hand dryers, if the soap is runny soap, frothy soap or hard bars of soap... the list could go on.  I find myself having to answer complicated questions about why buttons are here and what that container in the corner is for over there.  It's like she's on a toilet tour... and I'm her tour guide. 

If we are in a shop and she sees a toilet sign you can be pretty much sure that in 2 seconds time she will tell me that she needs to go.  I've lost count now of how many times we have been hanging out in dirty public toilets admiring the facilities (or lack thereof) when I could be somewhere a lot more exciting.  And the most frustrating thing is that most of the time she doesn't really need to go.  Arrgghh!

So if you are someone who lives locally and are stuck in town with an urgent toilet need, feel free to call/text me and I will show up and give you the complete toilet tour with a thorough knowledge of which loo is closest to your location, which has the nicest facilities and soaps etc. for a rather cheap rate.

And I'll be training her up to take over the family business for me one day too... since toilets are her thing.

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  1. OOooooo she's a brave soul. I'm not a public toilet fan.... would rather "hold on (for one more day)"... I'd check out that red one though.... good photo op. ;)

  2. hahahhaha! oooh I know your pain all to well. except I'm pretty mean and make my kids hold on...sometimes jumping around the shop "holding things in". Although my kids have sussed out the loo in the wharehouse out here and EVERYTIME we are in there we visit. grrr

  3. he he, we've all got our interests ay!

  4. i can just see the white mini van with "Loo Locators" emblazoned on the side...boldly going where few dare to tread :)
    lucky for me I have boys...and that means pee-jars!! haha so mean eh.

  5. Would you believe that we have an entire government department dedicated to loos in Aus???
    Check it out -

  6. That one is FUNNY! I am sniggering to myself. Very cute. Lucky you!

    Oh, and OMIGOSH, Curlypops - a loo locator website!! Huh!!!

  7. Well, my son's not exactly a toilet aficionado, but he does seem to need to go at the most inconvenient times. I feel your frustration! :P

    P.S. I tagged you with an Honest Scrap Award here:

  8. haha! this made me laugh! have a great monday!

  9. this is too funny!! my little girl is starting the obsession and I'm afraid I'll spend most of my days in public restrooms, too!

  10. Oh man, I hate going into public bathrooms. I'm sure that time will be coming soon for us though...

  11. Anonymous6:38 am

    love the red toilet!
    yup I was just like that as a kids...oh I annoyed my father to no end
    i just HAD to check them out...not sure why
    I like to wash my hands
    see if they had a hand blower...those weren't as readily used back in the day
    on that note I do have to say all this non-touch stuff is annoying AND what about those blowers that literally blow you away!!!

    opps I digressed...anyways i get the little Bubbles obsession.....don't worry she will grow out of it...and really it is very helpful don't you think?????

  12. Awesome! In A local paper where I live every week theres a lady who goes into public toilets and restaurant toilets and rate them on lighting and cleanliness and atmosphere...its hilarious! So yes a tour guide would be the next step!

  13. Ellymay8:36 pm

    One of her Aunties locked herself in the toilet next to the old library in Rust Lane when she was just 5, it was a bit of a mission getting her out let me tell you!! which Aunt, ask me sometime. Toilet training, what fun.

  14. my sister know's where every public toilet is also... but not cause she is fascinated by them like you little miss... but because she has a woolworths bladder hehe :)


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