By PaisleyJade - Friday, May 14, 2010

All I'm wondering, is why would a 3 year old secretly fill an empty milk-bottle with water, and stash it in the top drawer in her bedroom?
Very strange.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. ooh that's better than a Glad container I found in my girls bedroom with a piece of USED toilet paper in it....and of course I just had to smell it to believe it. rank.

  2. Maybe she's getting ready for a natural disaster, if so, she's a lot more on-to-it than some of us!

  3. funny!
    Amelie keeps bugs in a container under her bed and then wonders why, weeks later, with no food or water, they are found dead.

    Widge - eeeeewwww

  4. would love to hear her explanation. i'm betting it's "medicine" or "juice" for a midnight tea party with her dolls!

    (oh widge!!! that's totally feral! haha...i get my son to smell sus things for me. mean huh?!)

  5. Maybe she has been hearing all about the shortage of water!!! someelse we know has water stored in bottles ready for a rainy day>

  6. I also think she's been watching the "Get Ready" ads on TV. They are quite un-nerving- natural disasters are scary!!!

  7. Elijah have baking powder stashed in his room yesterday - who knows how that's going to help in a disaster! He is also currently obsessed with filling water bottles

  8. Widge - that is so funny... and disgusting!

    After a thorough investigation and long intense session of interrogation, Miss 3 said she was keeping it there for making a drink.


  9. Hmmm yes I was thinking that maybe she was getting a little bit thirsty in the middle of the night!

  10. One never knows when ones going to be thirsty!

  11. Anonymous3:34 pm

    that's hilarious! i like the natural disaster preparedness idea. but making a drink? what exactly does she have in mind? =)


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