Beanies & Blunders

By PaisleyJade - Monday, May 24, 2010

Life has been rather busy of late - trying not to take on more juggling balls than I can handle, but sometimes you just have to suck it in and handle those super busy weeks!

When I'm busy, I don't ever get around to doing something crafty... so last night I was finally able to sit down and finish a beanie, and start another one which involved making 4 willow squares first.

Willow squares are really cute - first time I've ever tried making them, but alas, my first attempt turned out way too big... almost could just be a hat in itself!

So I'm going to try again and find some other use for my extra large willow square (unicycle seat cover for hubby?).   Oh - and if you want to be totally amazed by unicycling skills, check out THIS!  She is one very clever girl!

New beanie in the shop and crochet unicycle seat in the planning (just kidding).

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  1. Hi I love your beanies - they are adorable! I just went to buy one in your shop but realised they are size nb-1. Do you make them bigger.. like about 4 year old size?? My youngest would LOVE one.
    Also I noticed you live in Whangarei - thats where I grew up - my parents live in Waipu now :) Im homesick just thinking about it...

  2. oooh I would totally be keen to buy a size 4ish one too!!!!
    love the willow square. very pretty. you could turn it into a doily kinda thingiee....a placemat...a coaster.. sew it on a cushion? I dunno really but i do like it.

  3. Hey guys - hopefully will make some bigger beanies soon!

  4. You are super clever cool! I love the idea of a cycle seat cover - you could be onto a winner idea there!

  5. Love the colour of this one:)

  6. Has that first pic been photoshopped?

  7. Ooh, that little beanie is super cute! I am working on one for my baby at the moment... I am pretty amateur, though, when it comes to crochet. I learnt the basics (like, how to make the simple blanket squares) as a kid and that's about it. I don't know how to do any fancy stitches and I can't follow patterns very well! But I have managed to figure out how to make a hat just with chain and double crochet stitches after several failed attempts! :o) It's fun :o)

  8. Anonymous5:02 pm

    oh PJ I just love your little beanies with the flowers!!!

  9. love that 1st pic!!!

  10. love the colors!!! you just whip up such lovely things!


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