Mr Bluebird on my shoulder...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, May 06, 2010

Grover and I have been bonding a bit lately... I think he actually likes me (well, when I have something he wants to eat).

Anyway - I couldn't resist posting this clip of Miss 3 singing her heart out... especially since the song is about "Mr Bluebird on her shoulder".

Super cute - thanks to Nana for teaching her all the golden oldies (cause isn't that what Grandparents are for?).

Oh - and if you listen really carefully you might even hear Grover getting in on the action ;) 

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  1. aw shes so future daughter in law ha ha!

  2. oooh, i wanna squish those cheeks!...too cute :)

  3. adorable and neat to hear Grover too :)

  4. Ellymay11:34 pm

    Miss 3 singing is really priceless, and she is pretty much in tune to, won't be long and Grover will be singing along as well, made our day.

  5. too adorable!!! she is the cutest thing! grover sounded pretty cute himself! and since i'm american, i'm in love with her accent!!! : )

  6. Anonymous2:27 am

    adorable adorable adorable!!!!!!!!!!
    even cuter when I hear her voice and how about Mr. blue Bird???!!!!
    love the pic of you and him
    looks like everything is bright in blue in your world PJ!!!

  7. Gorgeous! Very cute 'n' funny, and yes I DID hear Grover.

  8. Cute! And I love how you are colour co-ordinating with Grover these days!!!!

  9. i didnt know yall had an accent! wow, she is so cute!


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