Eleven going on Sixteen...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, June 03, 2010

Today my eldest boy turned eleven. He informed me a week ago that he didn't want a themed birthday cake (like last years, or the year before that).  "Are you sure you don't want a little picture or something on it?" I asked. "I just want a plain cake mum, a carrot cake with that yummy white icing". 

Suddenly my baby boy is growing up - but that's a good thing right?

We followed our usual birthday tradition (stolen from the Squires family!) of everyone jumping into our bed to share something they like about the birthday person, praying for the birthday person and then watching them open their presents.  The only problem was that the kids were up at 5:30am!  We warned them not to come into our room until at least 6:30am, so while they waited, they loudly played in the lounge with the lights on and watched t.v. (we have a wonderfully designed house where the lounge is right off our bedroom).

In our family we don't have a birthday party every year for the kids, but there is always room for a birthday cake - and everyone (our family and both sets of grandparents) thoroughly enjoyed the very plain, 'non kiddy themed' carrot cake that Master 11 ordered this year.

Happy Birthday J - you are a very special guy who is growing up into a lovely young man.  Dad and I are really proud of you!

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  1. Wow, 11! Happy birthday young man!

  2. 11 year old! Wow you guys are OLD, ;)
    Happy birthday Mr J, what a fabulous boy you must be. xxx

  3. happy birthday to your eldest :)

    wow!!!! that spiderman cake was fab!!!
    still as you say hes growing up

  4. I love 11 year olds. After teaching 6th grade for nearly 20 years I got to know a bunch of them. What's so cool about kids this age is the W..I...D...E range of maturity levels. It sounds like your son is one of the more mature. Lucky you!! 6th grade is a time of real transition from little kid to almost teen! Happy Birthday to your young man.

  5. Happy Birthday Mr J!!

    My eldest doesn't even like cake so has asked me not to make him one for the last 2 years! (who doesn't like cake??)

  6. Happy birthday to him! :-)

    I love your beautiful blog! I plan on visiting New Zealand someday. I have a friend who's in Auckland for a year and a half.

    Also, I LOVE your photos! They all look amazing. You are excellent.


  7. Ellymay11:19 am

    We can never say to many times what a special person Mr. J is, and what a priviledge to be able to spend some time with his amazing family. He is growing up to fast and is such a neat kid. Go Mr.J x x

  8. Anonymous11:29 am

    oh PJ loven' this
    it is so fun to watch them grow up but there is a melancholiness to it too isn't there.
    he is a lucky boy indeed to have such a wonderful mamma who listens to his requests
    love your birthday tradition
    we don't do a party every year either...i am also a boycotter of goodie bags...do you have them there???
    I really enjoy the every second year thing for a kids party...it is a nice balance

  9. I would choose carrot cake too. Yummy!

  10. Sounds like a fun birthday!
    ..I wish I could have a piece of that cake.. :)

  11. Hahaha... just the title of this post made me give a big "Uh-huh, totally understand"... my daughter is 10 going on 15. Oh brother! What a wonderfully beautiful stage with it's pre-teen drama of no clothes to wear, and my little sister is annoying.
    Wishing your "man" a happy birthday!

  12. Yum I love carrot cake icing too! Happy birthday! My biggest boy is 11 too!!

  13. That's so lovely! Love those photos; love that your 11-year-old is such a great kids... sad that they all have to grow up SO FAST!!!!


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