My baby is ten!

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Today my first baby turned 10! Wow.

This afternoon we had a great time with a few of his school friends around for a party. Talk about a crazy house... lots of boys and two little girls super excited about all the boys!

Being the avid Marvel-lover he is, he ordered a Spider-man cake (the things we Mum's have to make)! Thanks to hubby's help and encouragement, I think I did an okay job... I especially love the web cupcakes.

Our boy is super precious... I love him to bits! And I must say he is growing into a fine young man.

How could this:

Turn into this:

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  1. You've done a fabulous job! I'm freaking out at how quickly our gorgeous ones grow!
    I love the idea of an afterschool party too!

  2. Anonymous1:04 am

    You must be the best-looking mother of a ten year old i have ever seen! Well done. You don't look any older. am JEALOUS!

  3. My kids (and I) were quite impressed with the Spidey cake and cupcakes! Congratulations on the milestone. My oldest is starting Kindergarten in the fall - ack!

  4. It is quite frightening! Like you say how can this turn to this... My son turned 21 recently and I just keep thinking where did those 21 years go............
    Love the cake it is fabulous

  5. Wow, I LOVE that cake and especially those CUPCAKES! Fantastic... you must share HOW you did it! (Is it choclate or icing?)
    Congratulations to you on reaching such a milestone - your baby in double figures. Scary. It goes too fast.

  6. Farout!!! what an awesome cake! as far as cakes went when I was a kid, mum always bought me an icecream one and it always half melted on the way home. Happy Bday young man!

  7. I can't believe that squishy little boy is 10. I remember when he was just a bump. Amazing that time has flown.
    That is one MEAN looking cake.
    Happy birthday J-boy

  8. Anonymous9:00 pm

    barnaby has been in love with the pics of the spidey cake and cupcakes for a long time, and wants some for his birthday next weekend. any tips? i am a terrible, terrible baker...


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