Super Softies

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My son's are obsessed with Superheros, especially Spider-man and Hulk (see here and here ).

It's funny the things you learn without really wanting to... things like the difference between Marvel and DC Comics, how each superhero came about etc.

When I was young (in the olden days) I thought there was just Superman and Wonder woman (oh, and Hulk)!

Anyway, to celebrate the 'superhero-loving-kids' I have, here are some of my favourite picks from Flickr of Superhero softies.

Which one is your favourite? I like Tiska.

Calvin Jones (Rocket Boy) by Nichol Brinkman

Crazy Fat Superhero by helisesse (Heli Istanbul)

Tiska the Supercat by Tarnie

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  1. Mr. G by far and his pacman eyes.

  2. I love them all! How could a person decide on just one?

  3. oooh, sock monkey would have to be my pick!!! you going to make some super-softies Kristy?

  4. mr g yay for mr g! hahaha it sounds like jon and i are biast coz of its name tehe

  5. Tiska the Supercat by far would be my pick if I had to be rescued from a burning building.

  6. hehehe they are all so adorable they crack me up!my fave is crazy fat superhero!

  7. adorable! I love the "adopted" softies on your other blog too :)


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