A party with poop

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Today is my mum's birthday. My mum is a very special lady... and I decided to throw her an afternoon tea party.

I had it all planned... I would make her a cake with Licorice Allsorts on top (not that she likes Licorice Allsorts... just licorice), I would invite her sister and mum (my Nana) and would time the party so that the kids would still be at school and arrive just after we ladies had shared a lovely (and quiet) afternoon tea together.

I also had planned for my hubby to be there (since today is one of his days off from work)... to take care of our super excitable puppy.

Everything seemed sorted - all bases covered!

As it turned out, all the guests turned up late... which meant the children arrived home from school just as the party was getting started... which meant noise, chaos and dramas.

And then as hubby was trying to sort out the kids, no one seemed to notice that lovely Narnia (our puppy) was waiting at the door needing to go to the loo... and that's when she decided to do her business right in the dining room in front of all the guests.

You can imagine the awkward silence that followed.

Yep, parties and poop don't go together very well.

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  1. ha thats pretty amusing! my dog did a pee on the floor while we had company on the weekend! Not quite the same smell i would guess.. aaahhh the antics :-)

  2. Anonymous6:52 pm

    I guess it wasn't funny at the time but it is funny now, you must admit????maybe just a little???????

  3. I'm sooooooorrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh no! Feeling the frustration! Cool idea for the cake! I love allsorts...

  5. i love your pretty table setting! happy birthday to your mum!

  6. sounds like you've had a week of it!!! my heart goes out to you...

  7. oh dear! That is terrible - but funny too. What a nice idea for a tea party!

  8. Hillarious! Sorry, probably not to you. But its given me a good chuckle!

  9. oh no!! How hilarious!

  10. love your gorgeous flowers, so cheery!


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