Favourite Things Friday...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, June 04, 2010

It's been a busy week with more birthday celebrations tomorrow for hubby! Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

My Mum's almond toffee!

This cute hot water bottle and cover that Symon surprised me with the other day...

More slouch beanies finished (one of them is in the shop).  I think Miss 6 looks like a Russian lady...

And speaking of Russians, this Russian doll mug and coaster set I found the other day!!!

Grover's new favourite place to sit...

And this photo of the "Giveaway Robot Softie" being loved by cute little Ava!

I hope you are finding plenty of things to love and be thankful for in your week, no matter what it's been like.

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  1. ohohohoh where did you score that cup and coster set?? LOVE it! and the green beanine! and that toffee looks amazing.Oh!

  2. neat hot water bottle

    the Russian doll mug and coaster set
    is neat

    funny techno bird

  3. Hey Babes do you make to order? I went to buy the GREEN one...... but it's NOT THERE. So if you have time in your busy schedule I'd love a green slouchie beanie.

    P.S. hmmmmmm toffee.

  4. ooooh Almond toffee! HOSHIIIIII! That is....it looks so unbelievably delicious to such a degree that it makes me break out and speak in Japanese! Oishisou :D

  5. That beanie is to die for! Loving the bright colours you are using for your beanies.
    The mug and coaster... too cute.
    I saw a ring neck parrot today and thought of grover. They really are beautiful birds.
    Happy weekend to you fullas. xxx

  6. Fun fun!!!
    Camera back up and running? How did Miss 3's hair turn out?
    Love the green slouchy!!

  7. I love seeing the things you love!

  8. Anonymous6:04 am

    loven' the green beanie
    Nice work craft godess!
    Still looking for a pic of Miss 3's hair cut mamma.

    have a great weekend!
    love and light


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