The day my camera died...

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, June 02, 2010

On Monday my camera died.  Of course it turned out to be one of those days where you just wished you had your camera...

For starters, it died in the middle of Miss 3 having her very first haircut! Unlike her "Eskimo haired sister", Miss 3 was a baldy for many years, hence the delay in having her hair cut.  I got a before photo, but alas my camera died before the after shot.

Then, our property flooded!  My mobile phone photo's didn't quite do justice, so here for your viewing pleasure is a photo of our property the last time it flooded (a few years ago).

After all that, I witnessed a hit and run accident!  Oh how I wish I had my camera on me as the car slowly snuck away after hitting a ute... and then we passed the same car in another part of the street, abandoned and a mess, with policemen swarming.

Then, as our family was visiting our local library, I was quietly beckoned over to a spot by Symon to find Master 8 being photographed for our local newspaper (they were doing an article on the library).  He was so cute doing all these different poses for the cameraman (and I went to reach for my camera only to remember that it was broken).  Thankfully the guy emailed us a copy of his photo!

At the end of my day, I was reminded of a Far Side cartoon I saw many years ago, which said "Just as Dale entered the clearing and discovered, standing together, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Jackie Onassis, his camera jammed" (really bad version of the cartoon here).

My camera has been replaced and I am happy again - and ready for any sudden sightings of Bigfoot.

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  1. Wow..what a day for you and your lovely that you have a replacement, am hoping for some weird and wonderful things to pop up your way! Love Megs xx

  2. What a day!
    Not much more could have happened!
    Looking forward to more of your brilliant photos now!

  3. Oh yay! camera replaced already??? Wahoo! And wowee that photo of the FLOOD!
    (and heck, look at all your FOLLOWERS!!!!)

  4. Anonymous6:23 pm

    what a day!!
    what a flood!
    what a cute little bean with the long hair...
    (would still love to see the after look)
    what a handsome young man you have
    what a lucky girl you are

    I think I am done now.....

  5. Oh, how terrible. What a day, let alone what a day for your camera to have died.

    Glad you were able to replace it.

  6. ... and no camera to capture such adventure??? That's a tragedy. :)
    Glad you have a replacement one now... it's wonderful to see your life through snapshots.
    Have a great week ;)

  7. I hate when my camera dies, or I FORGET THE MEMORY CARD! AGHH!!!

    I'm your newest follower!

  8. what a day for the camera to break!! Great excuse to buy another!!

  9. I am empathising about the camera. Just this week mine has decided to die and I'm lost without it.

  10. I would SO hate that! I carry my camera with me everywhere!


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