Down on the farm...

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Miss 6 had the treat of visiting her Great Aunty and Uncle's house on Sunday (with  my parents).

Aunty Bub always has interesting animals living at her place, and Miss 6 loooooooves animals (any guesses as to where she gets that from?).

My Dad took some photos of her feeding and patting (or should I say 'petting') the animals - two goats, two alpaca and one big friendly bull).

Both my Mum and myself were rather surprise to find these shots of Miss 6 in so close to the goats on my Dad's camera the next day - naughty Poppa!  Nice to see Aunty Bub on hand though to keep Billy & Willy in line.

Thank you Dad for taking these photos - and thank you Aunty Bub and Uncle Anthony for always having such a great menagerie of animals at your place!!

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  1. what a great experience for your daughter :)

  2. Coolness (as Gail would say)!
    I love it when the kids get to go into NATURE??!

    Hoping you fix your camera soon (or at least one to borrow!!)

  3. She will have so many wonderful memories from this day!

  4. What great photos!! That is one interesting animal--an alpaca?

  5. Oh that looks like fun! The bull is awesome! :)
    I say "petting"... Is "patting" an NZ thing?

  6. what a sweet and fun time for your little miss!


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