Lego Nativity Cake!!

By PaisleyJade - Friday, December 24, 2010

Tonight we began our Christmas celebrations with our 'Happy Birthday' cake for Jesus.

Since the Jewish day offically begins when the sun goes down (from dusk to dusk), we love to do this on Christmas Eve, while everyone is focussed and excited  (rather than overdosed on lollies and presents).

This year I comissioned my 11 year old son to decorate the cake - and he decided to go with a Lego nativity theme and did an amazing job!  I'm still cracking up at baby Jesus (he looks a tad angry if you ask me).

To be honest - the cake turned out to be a total disaster, with me forgetting to add sugar and then using the wrong baking tin, the cake was bitter and lopsided (honestly - Boo our dog got to eat quite a lot of cake tonight).  

While lamenting over my flop of a cake, I had such a precious moment when my daughter quietly said to me, "it's good that Jesus loves everything aye Mum".

Out of the mouth of babes.

I am so glad that Jesus does love the broken, bitter and lonely.  He loves the unlovable - and boy am I thankful that God decided to send His Son into this sick and broken world, to bring hope to our hopeless situations.  

Now that is true love.

And boy am I glad that Jesus didn't actually pop in tonight for a piece of my cake. 

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.  

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  1. Lovely. What a lovely tradition, especially getting the children involved with decorating(I may just be a bit too control freakish for that- something to work on). We have a Jesus' birthday cake each christmas day- tomorrow my boys have decided we are going the whole hog and have candles too- that they will blow out for Jesus after singing happy birthday and thanking Him for letting us have presents too on His big day. Have a lovely Christmas. Cx

  2. What a sweet soul your girl is! Big ups to your boy for creativity!
    Have a beautiful Christmas Drake family!

  3. Awww, so funny & so gorgeous too! Have a wonderful time celebrating.

    All peaceful here and had a wonderful evening sending our love and thoughts out into the Universe.

    Sleep well Drake family!

  4. Merry Christmas Kristy and family. I love your honesty Kristy. God is always good. Blessings to you all!

  5. That is very cool!

    Merry Christmas x

  6. Ellymay11:53 pm

    Jesus would have eaten a piece of cake and never said a word, He loves us so much even the times we are not as sweet as we should be. x x

  7. My boys just love that cake! Merry Christmas to you all xx

  8. Merry Christmas . Reading your blog is one of the highligts of my week.makes me feel less way away from home. Hope you make it back to Israel in the future! Have a lovelyand special holiday. Cathie

  9. Oh this is the most wonderful post!! I absolutely love that lego cake!!! Way to go big bro! And what a statement from your lil gal! wow. I love it!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. Merry Chrismtas to you and your adorable family!

  11. Loving the lego nativity!!!!!

  12. GREAT post!
    i am tooooootally copying that lay out up top! my kids are gonna think i am SO RAD!

  13. What an awesome Lego project!

  14. super dooper cute cake and comment!! (I'm sure the dog didn't mind one bit about the cake either!) :-)

  15. Loving that nativity! How inventive kids are when we give them free rein!! Loving the apuse for thought too.

  16. That's so cool! Love that precious comment, and love the cake decorator.
    Hope your days was great.

  17. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I must confess to the fact that I have been reading yours for about a year but I haven't yet commented ... I guess I was shy! Anyway, I'm pretty sure you know my amazing sister-in-law Olivia Anderson, she is my hubby's baby sister! I really enjoy your blog, and I will comment more often now that we "know" each other properly! :-)

  18. ok i saw this at christmas and i was so pumped.
    i thought i was going to break it to the boys that they could make their own navity on top of our cake and be the hero of christmas!
    well, my seven year old WOULD NOT DO IT!!!!
    he didn't want frosting on his wow.
    i was so thrown that it made me mean and grouchy for like an hour of christmas day!!
    i thought it would be an awesome surprise.....
    maybe if i try again next year and DO NOT make it a surprise i will get a better reaction?
    you are so rad.

  19. Love it! Great effort! As I am sitting here watching my three children with Lego grand plans underway - just gorgeous! xx


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