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By PaisleyJade - Saturday, December 18, 2010

Things have been rather busy around here, but there has also been so many things I'm loving... actually, too many!  Here are a few...

Christmas plays... they are cute, funny and often very moving (I cry easily), reminding us of the real reason for Christmas.

My boys current love for barbecuing!  For the past 3 nights they have been helping make dinner on the BBQ. My oldest even requested his own BBQ for Christmas next year (and I thought he was growing up wanting a plain duvet cover and carrot cake for his birthday)!!

p.s. those paisley aprons they are wearing used to belong to their great great Grandmother Nandi. Crazy! 

Free stuff... like this free David Crowder 'Oh Holy Night' download, these free cute printable Christmas tags, and this site with tonnes of very cool and free stuff!

Rain!  We have really needed rain up here in Northland, and a few days ago it finally came - so I sent the kids outside to play in it!

My brave big boy (who by the way is now wearing his Dad's t.shirts).  We ended up in A&E last weekend when an infection/bite of some sort sent red lines up his arm and started causing pain in his armpit and into his chest area.  It was a bit scary for a moment there - but thankfully all is well now.

Dads who don't mind dressing up as pirates and leading treasure hunts at their child's birthday party (my girls look a bit nervous)... 

More precious pictures made just for me from a very special daughter... 

Lastly Boo - and the way she just seems to know that this is the 'girls' room and the place to hang out when she needs some girl time. 

Have a wonderful weekend and week leading up to Christmas!

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  1. love that you guys have an old school no pads or sided trampoline like us ;)!!!

    Wow that infection on your big guys arm looks nasty.
    Gorgeous letter :)

  2. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Oh the girl's room is lovely, and so tidy! How I long for that kind of calm (and a dog like Boo)!

  3. Awww. The PJ family is truly the coolest.

  4. loving all the those things. xx

  5. yay for rain in northland!! my parents need their water tank full before we move in with them next month.
    Love that your boys will wear aprons bbq'g
    and that arm.. looks very painful. hope its better now.

  6. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Ooh, that infection looks nasty! Loved the pic of the kids playing in the rain. :)

  7. What a great post, just found you & pow, so much going on!! The poison line sounded scary, ouch!! Love children who help with cooking, i'm going to make it a chore for high school, i loathe cooking, but they are quite good. Love Posie

  8. Love the things you're loving! (Nasty bite though! Maybe a spider bite?)

  9. Oh dear!! Glad to hear your boy's arm is feeling better!! What a scare! Love that they're bbq-ing for you. Can't wait for those days when my kids not only feed themselves, but can feed me too :)

  10. Boys who BBQ, no doubt they'll be in hot demand in a few years time ;-) Long may the love of cooking continue right!

  11. Enjoyed this! That last picture is so cute. I wish your boys could come over and make some of that yummy food for us! ;)

  12. Boo needing girl time - I love it!!
    Wow that bite looks mean and yes I can imagine SCARY with the red lines and pain...! Pleased all's well now X

  13. loving your post!
    wow, look at your big guys arm, I would have been in a bit of a panic seeing that. glad he is ok.
    your blog is always full of family fun & loving, absolutely wonderful!


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