Coolest Amigurumi Book

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amigurumi is something that I have always dreamed of trying.  For those of you who don't have a clue what Amigurumi is... it is crocheting cute critters and other creations (see here for examples).

My two favourite Amigurumi artists are Howie Woo and Elisabeth A. Doherty.

Because I know how addictive crochet is, I've been holding back from throwing myself into trying some amigurumi... but after finding this book in the library, I don't know if I can hold myself back any longer!

Elisabeth (Beth) Doherty has created a fabulous book filled with cute critters and delicious treats to crochet... my favourite would have to be the cheeseburger, which Master 8 has already ordered for himself.

If you are interested in crochet, I would highly recommend this book!  Beth has included excellent and simple instructions and tips for beginners and her style is very unique and professional.

I'm off to make a cheeseburger...

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  1. if you made one, i'd so buy it from you. keep me posted if you ever do it. i would not be good at it... i can't even sew a button back on my jeans.

  2. Anonymous2:01 am

    ditto carissa. cannot fix a tear, sew button, anything like that. and they are very cute so do them and put them in the shop! go on x

  3. That cheeseburger is just too fun! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Okay, so after I saw that softie robot you made, I got so inspired to make a robot amiguri that I worked all day yesterday crocheting, writing the pattern and taking pictures.
    I really like the way it turned out, it's easy, fun to make.
    let me know what do you think and thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Have you seen these K?
    They are the cutest crocheted hats for babies with ears :)

  6. They look very cool! Think Harry Woo is funny - I think I blopped him from Symon's or your post once!

  7. check out if you are wanting to purchase the book. I have been buying crochet books from here and they are under half the price I can get them here and that includes postage and currency conversion fees.

    Just got the happy hooker in the post today. Looking forward to LOTS of fun projects in there. Which looks like you have too as I thought some of the projects looked familiar.


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