Charades anyone?

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, March 20, 2010

Anyone for a family game of charades?

You should try it sometime... interesting, very interesting.

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  1. this definitely looks like good time! especially with the pink glasses.

  2. what a fun evening :)

  3. so cute! what a fun family

  4. Teeheehee... I love family charades. Cute pics. We will probably include "Charades" as a family fun game in our BOOK... if we get stuck for pics, could we borrow yours???!! (with a photo credit of course)

  5. Anonymous3:41 pm

    we always do this u at my moms is very rustic in the sense that all modern conveniences are not charades is a big part of our fun
    it is a great "crack up" game

  6. Those are such great photos - I especially love little Miss sunglasses!!

    You have such a wonderful family Kristy - I love the atmosphere you guys create for your kids!

  7. One of our fav games too - and one I have fond memories of playing as a child - really brings the family together. I so enjoyed the photos, they really capture the laughter and fun you're all having.

  8. CUTE!! All in their PJs! How sweet!

  9. Our kids love to play family charades, which is kind of difficult with a 2 year old, but whatevs...we roll with it.
    Thanks for following my blog! I've seen your blog on some of the other NZ gals' blogs. So glad to meet you!


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