Royal Crush

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, April 28, 2011

While sharing my excitement at watching the up and coming royal wedding on the television this Friday night, a certain husband was rather adamant that there was no way he was going to snuggle up on the couch with me and enjoy a night of royal wedding bliss.

Now, I'm not really a big royal fan, but seriously folks... things like this don't happen every year.  You just have to grab the moment when the moment calls... and I think this is definitely a 'calling moment' wouldn't you say?

I came to the conclusion that he was in serious denial, too shy to admit that he was indeed a royal fan in hiding.

To show my love and support (but not force him to commit to our royal date night) I bought him a little special something just to show that I understood... I know what it's like when you can't openly express your likes or hobbies for fear of scoffing and humiliation from others - I've been there before with my crochet persecution (and we all know how much he secretly loved my heart bunting even though he'd never publicly admit it).

Let's just say that he loved my little gift - a special royal mug featuring Prince William and Kate.  I think the Anzac biscuit helped a lot too. 

I think I can almost see a little tear in his eye at my thoughtfulness... wouldn't you agree?

Oh I do love this guy - and yes people, he is seriously not into Royal stuff... although for some strange reason he can remember the year that Princess Diana and Charles were married.  Hmmmm.

Are you planning on watching the wedding? 

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  1. You are great! I just wrote a post about the wedding too :) I'd love for you to check out my blog sometime, I love reading yours! You and your husband crack me up and remind me so much of me and Adam. Happy Friday to you!! :)

  2. hahahaha hilarious! Can't say I'll especially be keeping my night free to watch it!

  3. Haha Kristy, I will be watching it...but the couple I work for are actually going! And to everything including the dinner for 300 people at Buckingham place haha. Rather crazy and makes it all seem rather real. So I will be babysitting for the royal wedding haha.

  4. haha, you are such a committed wife Kristy!
    He does look a little like he is crying ... maybe in pain ?
    I will watch it... but not huge royal fan. Can remember meeting 'Lady Diana' at Kerikeri Airport when I was about 11..... have a photo somewhere :)

  5. I'm looking forward to it! I remember Di and Charles getting married and yes this is one of those history making moments too! 2 proper royal weddings in my life time woop woop!

  6. I'll be watching it over here, as much to see what Katie's dress & hair is like as for anything else!

    Being the only girl in our house means that no-one else is much interested in watching it but me.

    I'm too young to remember Charles and Di's wedding, but I think it's an important part of our history so may just make my boys watch a little part of it anyway!

  7. hehe Yes! Me and my girlfriends are definitely watching it. We are having a viewing party at my house and I'm baking some treats for the occasion.

    It's not every day there's a royal wedding.


  8. Im too young to remember the di and charlie wedding....make sure Syms knows that!
    Ill try and watch as much as I can gotta work in the morning doh! I shoulda had a little foresight and made sure I could watch every last minute!

  9. Totally gonna be watching! Bit of sucker for love stories and weddings. Can't wait to see what she wears!
    Love the mug lol

  10. Oh yes! My girlfriend and I are ditching our husbands and having a sleepover, and then getting up at 4 am on Friday to watch it.

    We're not royal followers but royal weddings don't happen everyday ... so we thought it would be fun to watch. :-)

  11. yeah Im gonna watch will be my only night at home this whole yep... (and hubby is actually a royal follower)..

    I love seeing the palace on tele, and knowing I've been there...done that... even had a pic with some "royal horse poo" near the palace heehee. :)

  12. What a cute post! Haha. Yes, I'll be watching too - although I'm not a huge Royal fan, but I totally agree with your sentiments about this being a moment to be seized! Royal weddings! They don't happen every day!!!

  13. Anonymous10:32 am

    I remember getting up at 3am to watch Charles and Diane getting married was a big deal
    I am sure i will watch coverage on it
    you are so right
    it is not every day we get to see a real live prince and princess getting married!

    love the reflective look of your hubby...he cracks me up!

    love and light PJ

  14. Anonymous11:17 am

    Kristy! I am so so excited too!
    So is hubby!
    We're doing the whole popcorn and cuddling on the couch thing too.
    I toyed with the idea of having a mini reception here (seen as William forgot to post our invite!) but then I realised its only on in the evening here!
    And I love Kate! I don't know why, there's something about her!
    Have a great day friend xx

  15. haha that cracks me up... he does look rather secretly chuffed about the cup tho ; )

  16. where did you get that cup???
    I have one of Diana and Charles :)

    you bet Ill be watching it too
    its history in the making
    so although my 15 year old is firmly of the opinion that its a waste of tax payers $$ he will be watching it with me too
    he is rather concerned about how long it goes on for as we have to do a paper run on Saturday morning
    at 630 am

    I have some pages Im going to discuss with him about the royal family and their importance for NZers

  17. hee hee hee. Husbands and royal weddings. I guess they just don't mix.
    The girls and I will be watching. Not sure we'll last all night, but hopefully get some glimpses of the dress etc.
    I'm not a you said, these things just don't happen every year!!!!

  18. I don't think you can be a romantic and not watch this wedding. I watched Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married years ago. How sad it didn't last :(

  19. Absolutely! It is a piece of history and I want to be part of it! Three of my friends and their kids are going to camp out on matresses in the lounge in our jammies, eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking cups of tea. The kids will probably be asleep before the bride is walking up the aisle, but what a moment in history! Not to be missed!

  20. LOL!! My husband shares his pain!!! We will be snuggling up to watch as well hehehehh! The things our boys do xo

  21. Ha! Loving the mug :-) I'm gonna watch it. I've made bunting for the occasion and even found some Union Jack cake cases and decorations at the British food shop - woop!

  22. What a darling post:)
    I am undecided about watching the royal wedding.
    I want to,however I would have to get up at 2am to watch it here.
    I think I probably will,since its such a historic event.

  23. Oh, I love this. You make me giggle! What a cheek you have - but I love your spunk girl!



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