Holiday Bliss

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, April 21, 2011

In celebration of our 15 year Wedding Anniversary, my lovely Mum offered to babysit our children while we went away alone for a few days.  Total bliss I tell you!  My generous Aunt and Uncle offered us their beautiful beach house to stay in, half of the holiday alone, and half way through the kids came out and joined us for a much needed family holiday.

Our time alone was so good. It's amazing how much free time you have when there are only 2 plates to wash after meals, hardly any washing to hang on the line and no bath-story-bedtime routine to go through.  We loved our time together, and although missed our kids, cherished the refreshing break.

Once the kids arrived it was all go (seriously, we got a bit of a shock going back to reality!).  We had such a fun time, making the most of the nearby fishing spots, beaches and beautiful walks.  Boo loved it too - boy do I have some crack up picks to show you of her next week!

Holidays are so awesome - and I am so thankful to my lovely Mum who single handedly babysat all 4 kids (while my Dad was away working in Christchurch and feeling a rather large aftershock) and my awesome Aunt and Uncle who let us stay in their beautiful spot.

Will share a few more photo's tomorrow for Things I'm Loving!

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  1. looks amazing PJ! We love the "us" time too... I am just trying to convince the husband on a "us" time on a trip overseas, he's warming to the idea :)
    Love your pics. So your dad got some shaky shaky christchurch behaviour, I bet he wants to come home now after Saturdays crazy shaker!
    Happy Easter and keep safe xxx

  2. your mum is awesome!
    Glad you guys are refreshed...and raring to go, yes?!

  3. Ahhh.. it looks like a lovely holiday! Especially the time alone and then a family holiday - perfect!

  4. bless your family
    looks like a refreshing fun and enjoyed holiday :)

  5. oh i wish i had a mom like that! my mom won't even live in the same state as me LOL.
    looks like you guys had a grand time :) happy early easter!

  6. It's so great that you were blessed with that special time together. -And time with the whole family too. Looks like so much fun!

  7. oh it looks wonderful!! we have no kids, but with two people working 4-5 days a week, 'us' time is always very important to both of us!

    and what a wonderful place to be in... a beach house! I am so glad for the two of you to have this little paradise together!

    and of course: hurray for mum!

  8. what an amazing blessing!!!! ahhh, you guys are so super cute. bless you in your year #16! we're hitting 14 this!

  9. Awesome photos. It looks lovely :-)

  10. Yay for couples alone time - and in such a beautiful spot. Good to see Carcasonne coming out to play too ;-)

  11. Anonymous8:25 am

    gorgeous Kritsy
    time alone
    wonderful mums
    family vacation
    beach and ocean
    all of it
    Glad you had the time with hubby, so important to do.

    love and light

    ps am so looking forward to the photos of Boo..I ♥ her

  12. Congrats on your 15 years of marriage. So glad you & the hubs grabbed a little alone time. That spot on the beach looks marvelous!

  13. gorgeous pics! i'm glad you got to get away and that your kids joined you later. sounds like the perfect balance.

  14. I'm so glad you got to have a refreshing break both together and then with the kids. The photos look amazing, what a beautiful spot.

  15. Happy Anniversary! Looks & sounds incredible! Best wishes to you both for very many happy years together x

  16. We love our Carcasonne too. Have you played Dominion yet? Very good as a two player, our current fave.


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