Puffle Cake

By PaisleyJade - Monday, October 19, 2009

Master 7 turned into Master 8 today, and he especially requested a green Puffle cake for his birthday party! (if you don't know what a puffle is, they are the small furry pets of the penguin's on Club Penguin).

After doing a bit of research (googling it) I found the perfect cake to do. I baked my good old reliable chocolate cake recipe (Dana's Chocolate Cake) and iced it with green peppermint icing and used green whipped cream for the hair. Mmmmm... chocolate and peppermint!

Keeping to the Club Penguin theme, the kids went on a puffle hunt around the property (to find little pictures of puffles) and played "Pin the beak on the Penguin" (I managed to rope hubby into running these games and a few others - thanks honey).

So Happy Birthday my special boy - you are so unique! I remember how you used to sleep with your camera and magnifying glass as a little boy and gaze into the sky for long periods of time thinking deep pondering thoughts... not to forget the time you cried and cried because Daddy and I wouldn't let you move to Egypt for a year by yourself! You have such a caring heart and cute smile.

Love you lots.

To check out other Puffle Cakes I've made, click on the image below!

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  1. Happy birthday to your master 8!! That cake is awesome! well done. And no I didn't know what a puffe was AND my kids play club penguin (bad mummy;)

  2. Ellymay11:17 pm

    What an amazing cake, Master 8 is very lucky to have such a clever Mum, love his smile.

  3. Cool Cake! Funny how we get roped into making these crazy cakes, gone are the bake a choc cake and put sprinkles on top times... Yea I am also bad mummy, I have only just learnt what a puffle is by reading your blog.. Happy Birthday Master 8 x

  4. Fantastic cake! :)

  5. Good ole Danas strikes again. The cake looks fab. Egypt huh? That boy is in for some adventures later on in life. What a wonderful son you have. Happy birthday.

  6. That is so cool.

    Happy Birthday big boy

  7. Puffle is a new one on me! Happy Birthday Master 8!


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