Winners and losers

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I was one of those unfortunate kids that never seemed to win competitions.

I can remember entering colouring in competitions (after having put in major colouring effort) and other random prize draws as a child and never winning a thing, yet for some reason my brother often won (he was a pretty gifted artist mind you).

I did win a few surfing competitions when I was older, but the gleam of those wins quickly dimmed on the realisation that there was usually only me, or one or two other girls in the competitions back then (as not many girls surfed in our neck of the woods back in those days). Shame. That's me on the left in the photo above, and my brother on the right.

Thankfully my 'lack of winning' hasn't been passed onto my kiddies, and from a very young age Master 10 started winning just about every colouring competition that he entered, and Master 7 also won a few.

And recently, hubby himself has even just won an amazing prize! (see here). A big thank you to everyone who helped by viewing his 'strange' clip.

A couple of our friends (Jon & Carefui Kid) have created a video clip for a competition, so if you have a moment, please check it out here and vote for them! And just for the record - I don't have a clue what it's about, but I really like it!

So there we have it... a weird rambling post about winners and losers. I don't think I'm gonna try and enter in any flashy video contest anyway... maybe if they had adult colouring in contest I might still have a chance.

Keen to hear back from any other 'losers' out there ;)

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  1. I never knew people surfed in forests...

  2. A surfer chick huh? Thats pretty clever if you ask me.
    I don't think I have ever won any competiton... searching memory... NOPE Im fairly sure. Nothing.
    I would really like to win something some time.
    Praying for you guys.

  3. Well now a slightly weird and rambling comment.

    I reckon it has something to do with winning a meat platter in a raffle. It seems to change the luck around, although I admit my statistics are based on only two persons. Both of them were forced to host a large barbecue. Hey! Maybe it's all about the barbecue?

    And you thought you were weird and rambling...

  4. I've always been pretty lucky when it comes to competitions (maybe that makes up for other things where I completely lucked OUT)!
    I'm chuckling at Tanias comment - my sister and BIL had to host a BBQ tonight because someone won a meat raffle...

  5. Yep, I'm a loser.

  6. i've voted under at least 4 different email addresses so that jon and carfui win :) and you never know k, ur life's not over yet. you could just win a comp one of these days!

  7. I have never really won anything in my life, but my bestfriend Allie has won just about every radio competition she has called up for.. countless countless CD's and perfumes.. I don't know why she doesn't buy lotto tickets more often?? :P


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