The annoying sideline parent...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yesterday Master 10 had his first basketball game for the year... and it was awesome to watch! They didn't win, but they did well, especially for the first proper game together as a team ever.

Now I myself used to play in my high school basketball team and also watch our city's team play on a regular basis... so I love basketball!

As I stood on the side of the court taking photos, clapping, yelling encouragement and shouting some tips to the boys, I stopped for a moment and thought to myself, "calm down girl, this is only a game". Suddenly I could see myself as one of those really annoying 'sideline parents' *gulp*.

So tonight I've read some tips on "How not to be an annoying sideline parent" and I'm all set to go for next week...

Any other sideline parents out there with tips - feel free to share :P

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  1. Loving the new look :)

    I AM the annoying sideline parent... and am happy about it, so probably not the best person to ask ;) Nothing like a bit of sideline rage, sorry, enthusiasm!

    Seriously, I don't do the anger thing.... just the loud and excited thing.

  2. loving your new look!

    I'm all for a bit of good encouragement on the sidelines, although it embarrasses my children!

  3. Awesome new blog layout :)

    I am also the annoying noisy parent at the indoor netball courts every saturday.. I am coaching but apparently I am suppose to yell out "Watch those passes" and not "Watch them passes" according to my co coach.. Whoops but it can't be changed, it just comes out and it can be my trademark. And did I mention no one else ever yells..

    But yes it is always positive! It is pure excitement and proudness.


  4. As long as you are an encouraging side line parent it's okay!!! Just don't turn into one of those who gets mad at the coach if he/she doesn't play your child the whole time, or worse yet, one who yells mean things to your kid while he's playing!!!

  5. I get so embarrassed by my husband because he yELLS (encouragement) really loud and does that whistle when you put your fingers in your time I got so mad cause he almost blew up my ear drum...but yeah we get "the looks" from other parents..the kids LOVE it though and you see them run just that bit faster.

    cool new blog look! it's like visiting your new house ;)

  6. Hey Kristy
    How timely, I have just returned home from encouraging our 4 yr old to go on and win his school marathon here at kindy in Japan, both Grant and I are competitive and I believe that as long as you are encouraging in both the wins and the losses and you teach your child to be gracious in both that competitiveness is great.

  7. Ahhh I missed the new look! I am TOTALLY an annoying sideline parent... one of the loudest out there... always cheering my boy on. By the end of a match I've nearly lost my voice. Enthusiasm is good! Go team, yay. But I would never shout abuse or mean comments. Only Cheering. Yay Team! (Even if they lose) :)


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