Flashback Friday

By PaisleyJade - Friday, October 23, 2009

This photo was taken around 3 years ago, right in the middle of my great renovation NIGHTMARE!

Our bathroom had been torn apart for renovations and due to major unforeseen plumbing problems, wasn't quite put back together when we (I) needed it the most!

I was pregnant with baby number 4 and the kids needed baths... so we decided to give the children some outdoor summer baths for about a week or so ... and the kids thought it was great fun (thankfully).

Finally the bathroom was finished (see here), and we got rid of our flash outdoor bath spa.

Good times.

Please note: The small child in the bath is actually a doll and not baby number 4.

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  1. Cool pics!! I did wonder about the doll when I first saw it in thumbnail size lol

  2. Cool pics. I have just today discovered a bulge behind our shower tiles. i am praying this does not mean a MajoR bathroom redo. If it does it means I may be taking pics like this one very soon.

  3. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I am laughing so hard. This is soooo funny and cool!! These picts will be great to show in your kids rehearsal dinner videos!!!

  4. Cute! I give my kids showers outside in the sprinkler in summer. Give them soap and shampoo and they love it! I call them recession showers... And they all get done at once and hubby and I are always guaranteed a hot shower because we save on hot water!

  5. We've been renovating our bathrooms for ever and there have been times that I've been tempted to hang the camping shower outside just so that I can wash my hair under a shower for a change. Our kids are teens and young adults now so I don't think they'd be too keen to have a bath outdoors. Neat pic!

  6. Hey PaisleyJade, will have to come back and read your posts but just wanted to pop by and say, thanks for your lovely comment on the Being Real post. Very happy for you to share it with your coffee group or others...


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