Cheap holiday fun

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's the second week of the school term holidays here in New Zealand at the moment. After having a few days of bliss, then a couple of drama days, I didn't ever quite get into the swing of 'holiday fun' mode.

We had an extra child over to play today (Master 10's friend), and I asked a few of my facebook friends for ideas to entertain 5 children. The ideas ranged from locking them in the car while I went for a coffee by myself (I really liked that one), glitter and glue sticks (somehow I thought the two 10 year olds might not be too keen), feeding ducks, library visits, paper mache and letting them play with matches.

Hmmmm - so many ideas to choose from.

In the end I managed to have a bit of cheap fun with the kids, and somehow even squeezed myself a coffee in along the way (but decided against locking the kids in the car while I had it).

Ideas for cheap holiday fun:

Never actually tell your kids that the little ride on toys outside of shops move and play music. So far so good!

Visit your local pet shop... free, fun and the animals are oh so furry and cute (except for the fish).

Buy some cheap toys and hope that they last more than a few hours before breaking.

Make the most of McDonald's cones and $1 deals at the moment.

Educate your boys about frequencys on walkie talkies (and how you can pick up on other peoples) then trick your children while they are playing with their walkie talkies. I did a little 'big foot sighted in your area, all children indoors now' trick on Master 7... he was looking pretty scared for a while there!

In the end, a great day was had by all - we also visited a local park, the kids played 'cops and robbers' (not very PC these days is it), had a picnic lunch outdoors etc.

There are actually lots great things to do with kids that don't cost the earth if you take a moment to think abou it.

I might save the other ideas up for later in the week (minus the matches one)!

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  1. oh mine ACTUALLY did the matches we have a trip to the fire station planned and a brown hole on our lino in the laundry.

    I also have failed to mention that those rides work with money too;)
    great post and well done on your cheap day out.

  2. Crikey widge!

    Great list! We're headed for the pet shop at some stage too. Always a winner - unfortunately I always want to come home with a cute puppy.

  3. We love going to the pet shop. Unfortunately someone fed the machine and now the girlies what to feed it too. A great bribe treat to get us through shopping.


  4. It doesn't sound like you needed anyone else's ideas. You did great on you own.
    My cousin used to play with matches quite frequently. I remember once that the fire truck had to come put out one of his fires. He grew up and became a responsible husband, father and career guy.


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