Pink Puffle Cake

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, May 11, 2013

Today we celebrate our eldest girls birthday with a Pink Puffle Cake (if you don't know what a puffle is, check out the Green Puffle Cake we made about 4 years ago and the link with info!).

I haven't been running on 100% Kristy lately - still getting over our trip, a little under the weather and trying to juggle a busy life at the moment - so this years birthday was a low key sleepover last night with her bestie, pizza, movie and cake.  It all went rather well, considering my brain has been left up the creek with out a paddle... I even discovered I'd bought her 3 birthday cards over the last month! Doh!!

Lazy lunch...

Love this precious lady - born on Mother's day and definitely a mini me!

To check out other Puffle Cakes I've made, click on the images below...

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  1. very cool looking cake!
    I'm such a banana....obviously not running 100% jacksta...sent a kid to a birthday sleep over without the present! Sorry about that! Sorted now...hope she likes it.


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