Drowning in Yarn...

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, May 26, 2013

I feel like my blogging world has been a little neglected lately.  My creative world has been zilch, except for my Mum's grannysquare blanket I'm desperately trying to finish before her birthday in 2 weeks time!  Eeeeeeek!  I really hope I can finish it - if not, she may be given a half made one with a "how to finish your own granny blanket kit".  That would be a fabulous cover up idea, wouldn't it!?!

A week of birthdays are around the corner with our oldest turning 14, Symon enjoying the last year of his thirties and my Mum celebrating a big number that I won't share because I value my life.

In other news, Symon and I checked out "The Office" last week, a cute retro café out in Maungatapere.  The drive was lovely and the café great.  The company was the best.

I recently found a big hunk of concrete in my 6 year old daughter's school bag.  It has been in there for over a week (I know this because her big sister has been telling me that she had some concrete in her bag, but thinking it was a tiny chunk I didn't bother to check).  Things like this make me smile (and take a photo).  I asked her why she had it in her bag, and she said it was because she might make something with it.   Can't wait to see what.

When I went back into the world of working last year, it was to a 5 day a week job while at the same time we became senior pastors of our church (crazy huh?).  Slowly it moved to 3 days a week, and last week I dropped another day so am now down to 2 days, with the other two spent helping out Syms at church.  I love it - hanging with people like these crazy guys below is the highlight of my week!

Winter is slowly arriving, which means warm fires and roasting (or burning in the boys case) marshmallows.  I'm liking this time of year (if you take away the wet washing that never seems to dry).

So hopefully this blogging slump will be over soon, with a beautiful finished grannysquare blanket to show, birthday photos and a stunning creation from my daughters hunk of concrete.

See you soon. xoxo

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  1. Have missed your postings lovely lady!
    I hope you get that blanket done in time, but love the idea of the DIY kit!
    We have birthday week here too, my dads a bit closer to a big number, my boy is hitting double digits on Tuesday and my sister the big 40 on Wednesday!


  2. Our birthday week is next month. My oldest will turn 14 also. Where has the time gone?!! Hope you get the blanket finished but if not I'm sure your mom will understand. Sounds like you have a lot of important things going on in your life right now. Don't forget to sit back and enjoy those little things...Like burnt marshmallows.

  3. Wow that will be a very treasured gift by your mom! You have done so much of it already, way to go!!!

  4. down to two days a week!? Well that means more time for blogging.... although...Im thinking really you are still working full time being the best pastor in world.
    The "office" is a surprising find isn't it!


  5. good to visit with you PJ

    love and light

  6. Your mojo will return - I blame the rain for it's loss. My daughter (11) is a great one for carrying stone, feathers, pinecones etc in her school bag - just in case.

    Lovely day today in Akl, but cold - at least the washing can dry outside.

  7. Ah this warm-hearted "pure PJ" post made me smile.


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