Mother's Day and my Snuggie Secret

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today we celebrated Mothers in our part of the world - and I was super spoiled (and laughing my head off!) when Symon and the kids presented me with a Snuggie for my Mother's day present!

We've all laughed and mocked Snuggies for a while now (along with Onesies), and as I sit here at the computer typing this post, I'm wearing my Snuggie with my Onesie underneath, and am rather fond of them both - don't laugh!!

You're laughing aren't you!

I did a little photo shoot for you, just to show how cool Snuggies really are (snigger)...

And in more normal news, Mum's rock!  

Today was a fabulous Mother's Day in our part of the world.  Symon and I have the most amazing Mums who we love so much!

Church was also awesome today as we celebrated women, cause we women are pretty amazing aren't we!?!

I love how Jesus took time out to speak with and love the women of His day - He broke traditions and cultural boundaries to show how much God loves us, no matter how broken or messed up we feel. Awesome huh!?!

So Happy Mother's Day to our amazing Mums!  You are both such precious and amazing ladies, and Symon and I are so privileged to have you as our Mums.

Loving my precious kids too...

p.s. Only my cheeky hubby would do a selfie of him in my snuggie and set it as my phone background!  I secretly reckon he's going to use my snuggie when I'm not looking... 


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  1. lol
    I love you guys!!!
    Happy Mothers Day K

    love and light

  2. Hehe! Love it! You look sooooo amazing in it!

  3. Hehehe! Great should be the Snuggie model!

  4. hahahaha, love it.
    You and Symon are such cute posers! x

  5. you crack my up! Great posing in your new sunggie!~

  6. funny how we all mock these crazy ideas but secretly want to try them, my lucky lady, are living the dream! i love mothers day too, i especially love the 'mothers day stall' gifts, so daggy but bought with love. xxrosey

  7. you are much better at posing in the snuggie than the model on the packet! must have been all that photo shooting practice in Ikea ;)

    I love Symon's pose too - funny


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