Going all Hillbilly on ya...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, April 08, 2013

We are going all Hillbilly on ya around these parts...

There's been an obsession ignited with banjos, and because we don't have a banjo, the pink ukulele and plastic xylophone have been pulled out and renditions of "Duelling Banjos" created.

There's has also been a bit of "Onesie" shopping.  With Around the Table this coming weekend (New Zealand's first bloggers conference), a group of us girls who are staying together began joking about wearing onesies to bed (Christchurch is chilly yall!).  That lead to dares and somehow I found myself gazing at the rows of onesie racks at The Warehouse today and trying some on for a laugh...

Here's me working a leopard print onesie...

Sadly the cow print didn't come in my size Widge...

Yep, I even boughts one (it's a Mambo one, so it's a sort of cool onesie!)...

It's going to be a fun weekend away, and I'm sure there will be some really great songs composed on the pink ukulele while I'm gone too.

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  1. OHMY!!! You guys are so gonna have fun all in your onesies, JEALOUS MUCH!!??!!! Also, jealous that your warehouse has adult leopard print onesies, ours only had kids ones last time I looked...

  2. Ah ha ha ha! My onesie is so boring by comparison - yours actually looks pretty cool!

  3. oh no cow print! darn ;)

    Love the video! Little musical genius there!
    4 more sleeps!

  4. You actually pull them off big time! I'm gonna look more like an umpa-lumpa

  5. You totally rock the onesie!!!
    And I LOVE the music your loves are making!!

  6. ha ha ha I dare you to wear it on Saturday morning!!!!

  7. That last jammie jumpsuit is really cute on you:)

  8. Husband of onesie lover.10:25 pm

    If these comments are anything to go by, there is something seriously wrong with women worldwide.

  9. The one you bought is rockin on you!

  10. Hee, hee, hee, the 'Mambo' is definitely a good choice - it's actually really cute and cool too! You are all going to have a blast of a weekend!

  11. FUNSIE ONESIES!! Looks like you're in for a fun weekend!
    Love the duelling banjos also :)

  12. hahahahah WHEW... now I know why I was destined to miss this conference... the sight of me in a onesie would be enough to send everyone into fits of laughter.... :) You however RAWK the onesie! (please take pics of the others down there in theirs okay??) hehe. I need a good laugh! :)


  13. I haven't seen the onesie craze here in Oz yet! Mind you, it's been a while since I've been shopping!! Hah, loving the range of choice you have there!

  14. Anonymous9:39 pm

    The warehouse over where I am has hardly any onsies compared to yours IM JEALOUS !!


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