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By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's the school holidays here at the moment, and it's been raining quite a bit... so just imagine 6 people squashed in a smallish house along with a cat and dog and 4 rats.

It's been pretty rad, but we've also had our fair share squabbles and cabin fever as well.

Even Barney the cat has been struggling to get a bit of peace and quiet...

Thankfully, the rain has eased, the lawns have now been mowed, and I no longer fear losing a child in our 'thigh high' lawn as they go out to play.

Although a back shed clean out did bring other discoveries...

Also, hubby and I are off to Brisbane next weekend - all by ourselves!!  Woohoo!!  It's going to be my first time in Oz.  Mega thanks to the amazing people who shouted us our plane tickets (you know who you are ;) and to our parents for minding our beautiful kiddies and menagerie of animals while we are gone.

We are going to catch up with family, friends, attend an amazing conference and hubby will be preaching at a fabulous church over there too.  Really looking forward to it (and also secretly hoping I can check out the infamous IKEA while we are there as well).

We might even go out and about in matching checkered tops...

Just kidding.

Loved catching up with some of the Whangarei bloggers today AND the amazing Stella from The Golden Adventures of a very dark horse.  She's such a sweetie.

Anyway, this was just a super quick check in to say hi!

p.s. Look at what Liz gave me from her thrifting finds today!!  Love!

Peace out (said in a Kip accent)

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  1. I feel famous!!! I'm on PJ's blog!!! Also, take a fully charged cellphone with you if you go to IKEA because you WILL get lost. We did. Twice.

  2. I see the northlanders are keeping the conference love going strong!! x have an amazing time in Brisbane - whoop!

  3. Ellymay10:27 pm

    That horse looks amazing Kristy, and the lawns look pretty good as well, I told Symon he ought to sell the grass for hay He He, Love you guys x x

  4. Love the horse and super excited I will see you in Brissy!!! Great timing!

  5. Ahh enjoy ikea ! Our family loves it's try the meatballs-delish!

  6. I just can't believe your lawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so green and lush, really i am just so shocked, our is well, dirt still. Am hoping with the rain we had this weekend it will begin to grow again. It was the first weekend since october that is has rained!!! (Hawkes Bay)
    Love the checkers

  7. Do you not have IKEA in NZ? Or is it a specific ikea that you want to visit? Our local one here in the UK has been a lifeline for us when we moved in to our own house together... We have a lot of ikea furniture now!!! :-)

  8. No one has mentioned your crocheting hubby... Is that just for show, or is it possible to 'train' the husband in the ways of the hook?

  9. We were at Ikea in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago, lucky you get to go without kids..... ours were bored. But it was so cool to see everything, and I wish we could get it here in NZ :)


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