Legal Babysitter

By PaisleyJade - Monday, June 03, 2013

Today our eldest can legally babysit.  Woohoo to that I say!

Last year we entered the world of parenting a teenager, and we've survived the year.  In actual fact we can honestly say that we are loving this season of life.  The baby stage has gone with all of our kids, and we are loving the humour and maturity that we are seeing in our bunch - especially this birthday boy who today turns 14.

Someone wise once said to look for the gold in your children (actually, it was one of our kid's teachers last week at a parents evening at school) and I must say that that statement is worth it's weight in gold!  Every kid has at least one thing going for them - something that makes them awesome.  It's our role as parents to notice the gold and encourage them on in this journey called life, and now that we've entered the 'coaching' stage, we want to make sure that we yell encouragement really loudly from the sideline as he starts to spread his wings more and more.

Somehow, in a matter of a few years, this:

Turned into this:

We love you lots buddy - you are such a pleasure to be around and we are praising God every day that your high pitched and super screechy voice has finally dropped to a lower tone.

x Mum & Dad

p.s. are you free to babysit Wednesday night?

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  1. Doh! Lol at the voice comment! Congratulations to your legal the payback can begin!

  2. Oh and edit to say: I wholeheartedly agree with looking for gold in every child. Being a teacher, I find myself doing this on a daily basis and it's really not that hard to do if you know where to look.

    1. Teachers like you are gold Tania!

  3. Handsome Son! I love your vision of 'coaching' them in their teenage years and yelling encouragement from the sidelines! That is a beauty of a picture!


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