By PaisleyJade - Sunday, June 16, 2013

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening
in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is.  

Here are a few things I am loving at the moment...

Loving the opportunity to pose with my mate Ronald McDonald earlier this week.  Whether you love or hate McDonald's, Ronald is a really nice guy (in real life - haha!)...

Loving these photos of my parents with their 5 grandchildren that were taken last weekend.  We realised that there were no photos of them all together, so made sure they all posed for some snaps on my Mum's birthday.  Do you think we could get all 7 people smiling nicely at the same time? 

Loving my monthly coffee bean surprise from Coffee General!  I love the fact that you can receive a different pack of beans each month, plus these guys are super nice people who definitely know their stuff about coffee!

Love the amazingly sociable people that my husband and Dad were at my Mum's 60th last weekend...

Loving my Bible - so precious!

Love my girl and her bestie dong so well at Cross Country - 1st and 2nd!!

Loving 80% Whittakers... not wise to crack open right before bedtime though...

Yes, so much to love - join in with other people's loving here.

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  1. Is Ronald McDonald as tall as he looks - blimey! Love the fun family shots - there's always one goof in every photo I reckon! And ha ha to your super-engaged male-folk - my dad does that every time he comes to visit us too - wish I could fall asleep on tap!

  2. Oh wow! your mum looks soooo young for 60!!! Happy birthday to her.
    Yeah, we have sleepers at social functions in our family too (not looking at anyone in particular Dad *ahem Husband *cough).
    Glad I internet again so I can visit xx


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