Bestie Birthday

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Today it's the birthday of my bestest friend ever... Symon!!

I love this guy tonnes - but I also like him too.  He's the best person to laugh with, talk with and just be with.  

I love the fact that he is the Dad of my 4 kids - and such a great Dad as well (I must show you pictures of the cool sleep out he made for our son's birthday a couple of days ago).

He is an all round awesome guy - a fabulous pastor, creative genius, wonderful with animals (even if I do think he has a slight disorder when it comes to pet addictions), clever musician and best of all, he knows just how to make me laugh... like buying me a snuggie for Mother's Day.

I am so grateful that God made you just the way He did, and that I have the awesome pleasure of being your wife and friend.

Have an awesome day babe - and thanks for being you!

p.s. Sorry for the soppy post people - but this guy is too good to not get soppy about once in a while :)

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  1. it is of my opinion that we need more married people saying soppy things about their partners... don't let the teenagers have all the romance! :o)


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