Birthdays, Bedrooms & Bacon

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, June 05, 2013

It's the annual crazy birthday week around here with birthdays galore!

In the last two days we've celebrated our oldest boy turning 14, and Symon's birthday, his last year of his thirties!

Our son's birthday present this year was a pretty big one - we gave him his own bedroom/sleep out. Tonnes of work has gone into making this previously run down old army barrack shed into a tidy and very cool sleep out.  Even on his birthday we had an amazing family from our church around painting the room, installing locks and our youth pastor popped in to say hi and even ended up painting his bedroom drawers!

The big bedroom reveal came the day after his birthday and he said it was the bestest day ever.  Our only regret is that we forgot to take a before photo!!!

Check it out:

Symon's birthday came with a bit less hooha and stress - we spoiled him with goodies, one of them being this "Rub Some Bacon on It" t.shirt (watch the video clip if you are totally lost).  

I've already spread my soppy love for him all over the internet (blog/instagram/facebook) so will spare you from any more.

Looking forward to my Mum's big birthday this weekend - off to work on her granny square blanket right now!!!

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  1. Yay! Jasher will be stoked.

  2. Emilee2:38 am

    pretty cool. was the old army shack already on your property or did you buy it and relocate?

    1. It was already on our property Emilee - we just recently found out that our old 1920's bungalow was relocated to the land in the 70's - but not sure when the army shed arrived. Interesting huh?

  3. What a wonderful birthday present!! And how neat that it's an old army looks like the perfect size!

  4. You son is so big.. it it has been awhile since i visited your blog :) Life has been on the move again for us. Btw- Love your bangs girl!
    Have a great week!!!

  5. So awesome. I can't believe he is 14?!?!?!?!


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