By PaisleyJade - Sunday, June 03, 2012

Happy birthday to our precious first born... the blonde, bright-spark with a will of iron, and debating skills that would put even the world's top lawyers to shame.

Today, Sym's and I are now the proud owners parents of a teenager, and we are looking forward to the awesome years ahead!!

So proud of you J... and feeling especially old now that you are legally allowed (and have been hanging out for) your own facebook account.

Oh dear...

Happy Birthday!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday J-boy!

  2. Oh wow, this totally tugged at my heart.
    They grow up too fast!
    You are my parental inspiration kristy, you know that right?
    I am watching and listening and READING to see how its' done, cos I'm not THAT FAR behind you with one of my own.
    And it is kinda scary.
    PS LOVE that collage.

  3. Ooooh! Happy birthday!

  4. How exciting! Happy Teendom to your boy. We'll be joining you in a couple of months..
    love the pics, man I would have so much loved to have known you when our boys were little!!

    SO not looking forward to my kids having fb accounts, we have the wait till you're legal rule too! hehe

  5. Wow, Jasher is a teenager, I remember meeting him for the first time, so tiny (and a little noisey ;) ha ha) happy birthday handsome!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Wow Kristy, the mum of a teenager! eek, we will be there in 2 years.
    Hope he had a great day.

  7. Happy birthday,and congratz to you too,mom and dad!


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