The Nana Project...

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Nana Project.

No, I'm not talking about crochet (although this amazing lady is the one who talk me how to do it), I'm talking about the sneaky planning and shenanigans that have been going on around here over the last few weeks, as my family have organised some awesome surprises for my beautiful Grandmother's 80th birthday.

My Nana is the most precious and lovely lady ever, and for her 80th birthday, her two cheeky daughters (my Mum and Aunt) organised for her sister to fly up and surprise her, then also organise a family dinner out to celebrate her birthday and then another surprise party today with a few of her special friends.

You have to watch the videos - she is so cute.

I love you so much June Nan - Happy 80th birthday!!

Last year's celebrations here.

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  1. So lovely to hear an 80-year old giggling like a young girl at her surprise - so sweet. What a precious time for you all to celebrate xx

  2. How precious Kristy!!
    I love the look on her face in the first piccy!
    and what stunning cupcakes!

  3. Your nana is awesome ! How precious to still have a nana (not in heaven that is!)

  4. too cute!
    Love the cup cakes too ;)
    Happy Birthday Nan!

  5. What a lovely Nana!!
    {and oh those rose cupcakes look superb - I am pinning them!}


  6. I can't believe June Nan is 80, she still looks the same as she did 15 years ago! Give her my love and congratulations for her birthday. xxxx

  7. OMGosh this brought tears to my eyes and my cheeks now hurt from smiling so "hard"

    love and light

  8. What a lovely way to celebrate life. 80 years young!


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