Happy Birthday Boo!

By PaisleyJade - Friday, June 15, 2012

Yes, it's another birthday here in the Drake household... and today it is Boo's turn!

Happy birthday to our special girl Boo, 7 years old today.

Although we've only had Boo with us for 1½ years (she is a retired breeding dog that we decided to "love on" for the remainder of her life) we just love her to bits!  She is such a sweetie, and has been an amazing family pet.

As a special birthday treat, Boo enjoyed her own cupcake today - wrapper and all.

p.s. Yes, our dog is wearing a jacket... it's the middle of winter here!

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  1. Awww Happy Happy Birthday Boo! =)

  2. Best of Birthdays Beautiful Boo Baby!!!
    I love the way she's looking at her birthday cupcake and looks ready to blow out the candle!! hahahaahah xxx

  3. ahhhh Boo
    you know you are my favorite Drake...opps did I write that out loud???? lol
    look at that face
    how cute is she?
    I am so glad she found you way to your lovely family K as I know she will live out her days happy and loved

    love and light

  4. Aw, cute. Happy birthday Boo :)

  5. Ellymay3:08 pm

    Happy Happy Birthday Boo, do love her. Can't get over how much Boo's Dad is starting to look like his brother!!!,


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