By PaisleyJade - Thursday, November 26, 2009

Late last night I found myself standing outside in the dark with two little boys dressed in their pyjamas. We were all watching Daddy dig a hole in a special spot beneath the grapefruit tree.

This hole was for a dear little mouse... Cheesy (aka Zipporah). Cheesy had lived a long life filled with mothering and eating. We had all been anticipating this day.

I was surprised at how well the boys handled it... they each drew a message on a stone to place on Cheesy's grave.

As we walked back inside after saying our farewells to Cheesy, Master 10 piped up, "One down, two to go!"

Such a sensitive chap.

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  1. Sorry to hear the kids lost their beloved pet. Great to hear they have grasped the cycle of life so well. :)

  2. Kids ! Gotta lovem !

  3. Loving Master10's sensitivity!

    I'm not a mouse fan - so with him all the way!


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