Cheeky Cats

By PaisleyJade - Monday, November 30, 2009

We have one very cheeky cat... his name is Barney and I know that his mother Wilma breastfed him for way too long (no offense here to people who choose to breastfeed their children until they are older... but in human years he was still feeding at way over 7 years old!).

His mother eventually ran away due to him annoying her too much (true story) and now we have one very large and very cuddly cat that loves to laze around the house and leave his big fluffy hairs wherever he goes (especially on my nice black window seat).

One of his most annoying habits at the moment is that he swipes my books from my bedside table in the middle of the night to get my attention to let him outside. Now I am one of those over-organised people who has a diary full of dates and appointments with bits of paper and bills to pay carefully slotted in each page... which Barney loves to scatter all over the ground.

So, I decided to create some more Cheeky Cats for the Softie Shop - but these cats are not at all like Barney... they are nice friendly cats that don't leave their hairs all over the house and don't swipe people's diaries from the bedside tables.

Feel free to adopt!!

p.s. I do love you Barney... most of the time.

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  1. ah love the kitty cats! wow you live in good ol whangarei!haha thats where im from. Cant wait to be back there this xmas!!

  2. hehehe lovethem!

  3. Our cat, Pippi, is a fur machine, too. Driving me nuts. It's everywhere. Great cuddler, though, much like your Barney, it looks like ...

  4. Anonymous9:12 pm

    OMG...not a cat fan but those a ridiculously cute!

  5. Anonymous1:49 am

    Haha, LOVE Barney, and LOVE your two softies too...fabulous!

  6. Love Barney! Your cheeky cats are adorable.

  7. oh gosh what an adorable picture. so sweet!

  8. Loving your cat softies - I have some of the fabric on one of them! :)

    My cat walked with us to school this morning - down a busy street, and wouldn't listen when we told her to GO HOME! Cat's never do listen, except for when we're telling them all our woes!


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