Driving through history...

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, November 22, 2009

On Saturday we decided to take the family on an adventure... an adventure to where some of our ancestors first settled in New Zealand. Now these ancestors are on both my side and my husband's side... but we won't go into the details behind that today (*cough cough*).

Armed with a healthy picnic dinner (chippie sandwiches included) and my grandmothers crocheted rug, we were set for a drive out in the wops to find some special places.

We found Drake road and took multiple shots of us all posing next to the road sign... a little embarrassing each time someone drove past (especially when a certain someone decided he just had to climb the pole for his shot).

We had a lovely picnic at the school where our ancestors used to attend.

We explored the cemetery where both my ancestors and hubby's are buried. I decided to explain carefully to the kids how to be respectful in a cemetery (ie. not walking on the graves) only to catch Miss 2 dancing on someones grave shortly after. I later discovered that the whole area was graves but most of the headstones were missing... oh well.

No day could be complete without 'electric fence grabbing' dares.

The thing that cracked me up the most was my husband's enthusiasm to have his photo taken in various 'special' spots... like this one, where his Great Grandfather's house used to be (we think). I am sure he will do a post about his verson of our adventure on his blog sometime soon.

Here's hoping your weekend was awesome too!!

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  1. What a neat family adventure! I love the first picture of you all. :)

  2. Sounds like fun. Irreverently chuckled at the thought of Miss 2 dancing on someone's grave! Sounds like my kids!

  3. What a cool thing to do! Love the pics. It still freaks me out a bit that we have the same car...you are the light haired version of my family :)

  4. An awesome thing to do! I look forward to doing the same - but my side are from Samoa and Timaru so it all involves way too much at the moment.

    I love those sorts of purposeful trips!

  5. Ah wow..what a cool idea to do w/ the family!
    Love it.
    Hope you all had such a great time!
    Looks like you did!

    You have a beautiful family Miss Paisley Jade!

  6. Sounds fun! Lucky you guys are only a drive away.

    Gotta love the electric fence!

  7. What a fun family outing. Impressed muchly

  8. Anonymous6:00 pm

    First visit to your blog, and its lovely! My sister and I had a great time growing up with an 'older' father who was right into family history. We spent many a day traipsing around Northland visiting old family cemetaries, mission staitions, Waitangi etc


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