The Great Candy Exchange!!!

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am proud and very excited to say that I am taking part in "The Great Candy Exchange"! I am drooling as I write.

The amazing Gail from Delightfully Diva-ish has created this cool idea, and has paired some of us Southern Hemisphere girls up with Northern Hemisphere girls to swap our local candy and chocolate... mmmmmm!

I have been paired up with Carmen from FRESHblog in Canada! Check out her blog... she takes amazing photos and loves chocolate!

But I need your help!

I have already been out and about and selected some of New Zealand's Kiwi iconic sweets and chocolate, but want to double check that I haven't missed any. If you are from NZ, please remind me of some of our own sweets, and if you are from overseas but have travelled here or used to live here, what were some of our unique local treats (chocolate/candy) that you found.

Thanks guys!!

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  1. pineapple lumps and anything by whittakers?

  2. are jaffa's NZ? I'm not very sure what is ours? oddfellows minties?? freddo frogs?

  3. marshmallow fish? moro bars... definitely pineapple lumps

  4. Jon - I was just waiting for you to say that!

  5. Ok so we can get freddos and moros in Aussie,
    Chocolate fish are kiwi all the way. Whittakers and pineapple lumps as well.I haven't seen snifters here either.

  6. Chocolate fish rule! The lady at a convenience store in Christchurch looked at me as though I was nuts when I bought 20 of them!

  7. Ellymay10:19 pm

    Jaffas are always a must when heading to England, as Kiwi as you make it as are Pineapple lumps.

  8. You could always send Marmite and say it's a kind of chocolate-y paste kind of thing. :P.

  9. Now that's a great idea!!

    When I visited NZ this year (first time) I fell in love with Whittaker's, I think it was milk choc with nuts of some sort. It's all a big yummy chocolate blur...

  10. Definitely pineapple lumps and chocolate fish!

  11. I am a kiwi living in Missouri, USA. Here it's rare to find anything Australian let alone New Zealand! I miss K-Bars, Peanut Slabs, Crunchie, Jaffas, Minties, Hokey Pokey, Mallow Puffs, Milk Bars and Cadbury Roses!!!

    Gahhh, there's so many things I miss about home, perhaps it's time for a visit!


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