Berry & Apple Crumble

By PaisleyJade - Monday, July 06, 2009

I absolutely loooove berries.

Lately I have taken a liking to the little packs of frozen berries you can buy at the supermarket. Berry milkshakes, Berry and white chocolate muffins, and my most favourite... Berry Crumble.

Crumbles are so versatile and easy to make... and you can practically stick any fruit in a crumble (well, maybe not grapefruit) and create so many variations for the topping... fresh, tinned or frozen fruit.

And the great thing about crumble is that it fills up hungry bellies, the most hungriest at the moment in our house being Master 10's (he actually eats more food than his Dad!).

So if you don't know how to make a fruit crumble, here's what to do (adapted from Edmond's Cookery Book):

Fruit Crumble

Heat your oven to 190°C

Please 2 cups of stewed fruit (i.e. apples, berries, feijoas, pears, apricots - you can get as creative as you want!) into the bottom of an oven proof dish. Sprinkle the fruit with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar.

Sift ½ cup flour with 1 teaspoon baking powder into a bowl. Cut in 50g butter (sometimes I just melt the butter a bit and stir it in instead) until it resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Stir in ¼ cups sugar and ½ cup of rolled oats. I often add about ½ cup shredded coconut and half a teaspoon of cinnamon too.

Spoon the mixture over fruit and bake for 30 minutes or until pale golden.

Serves 6.

Serve with ice cream, custard, yogurt, cream or milk.


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  1. Yummy! Fruit crumble is one of my favourite puds. One year as a kid I even got mum to make me one as my birthday cake. I'm devastated that my kids or hubby wont eat them! I made one about three nights ago, apple and blueberry and took it to my friends and scoffed the lot with vanilla ice cream mmmmmmmm

  2. Crumble is a favourite of Hubby's and oh so easy to make. I love frozen berries too. Have htem every morning with my yogurt. Yum

  3. yum! I must try this delicious recipe, Berries are my fav too.. Now I have a craving for them.. must go to the supermarket now :)

  4. oh my, that looks so good!!!!

  5. This is my kind of dessert! I love everything with fruit -- but we've yet to try this. Thanks for such a great recipe.

  6. This is my favourite crumble recipe! I'm still using it in 2020.


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