The Sweet Things Children Say

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't kids say the sweetest things. They are brutally honest and frank, and sometimes totally unaware of effects of their honesty!

The other day while having coffee with a good friend, she mentioned a funny thing her son had said to her the other day. She was all dressed up ready to go out and happened to mention to her husband, "How do I look?". Her darling little boy piped up with, "You look lovely mum, but you'd look heaps better if you lost a bit of weight".

Oh dear.

I've had a few of those frank comments directed my way over the years from my little darlings... questions about the spots on my face, that my teeth were yellow, honest comments about how yukky meals taste... and haven't we all had those moments in public where we see them staring at someone and can just imagine the comment they are about to speak out loudly!!! (I had one involving a man with a large stomach and the words 'baby in tummy'!)

Then there are those very special little things they say... like recently when Miss 5 was praying in earnest at the dinner table that "God would help Nana have a fun day in heaven today".

I also remember the scared look on one of my little boy's faces when I told them that Daddy was going to be marrying a certain couple that day at the wedding... he thought Dad was going to be leaving me and marrying someone else (when in fact he was the marriage celebrant)!

This is one of my favourite ones that I read once: "An acquaintance of mine who is a physician told this story about her then four-year-old daughter. On the way to preschool, the doctor had left her stethoscope on the car seat, and her little girl picked it up and began playing with it. Be still, my heart, thought my friend, my daughter wants to follow in my footsteps! Then the child spoke into the instrument: "Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order?""

These things need to be written down and kept.

Do you have any 'sweet kiddie comments' to share?

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  1. I have a couple of gems...
    When we were in England, at my moms place, mom was putting on her make-up,
    Ebi-kun (aged 3) says, Are you putting make-up on to make you look beautiful?
    Mom - yes, is it working?
    Ebi-kun - Hmm, no, not yet!

    another day we were sat outside having lunch when he decides to play eye-spy.
    Ebi-kun Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with F
    me and mom - frog, fish, etc. etc.
    Ebi-kun No, I will give you a clue FAT, FAT PEOPLE (said in a VERY loud voice) (cringe)

    we do live in Japan and the japanese, are in general, a much smaller race, even so...

  2. The other day Levi came to visit with his Mum, Nanna and Grandad. Muz was at work and we had a friend staying with us. When Levi left he said to me: 'you have a new husband now' meaning our friend who was staying. CUTE

  3. My little guy just started gabbing-late talker-so I dont have tons of things like this but he is so funny in personality so I can only imagine and my little one is 7 months. I love hearing other peoples stories. I remember my little brother once staying to his grandmother (my step grandmother)..why are you so fat? It was hysterical.

  4. daughter told me that my boobs looked long... like a puppy dogs ears...
    my son patted my belly and said, "It's not your fault your belly is big. It is because you had so many kids."
    and just this morning..."I love you mom. Is that a booger in your nose?"

  5. last night at the dinner table we were talking about hubby playing sqaush on monday...and Joe (3) says, "Daddy is someone going to squash you".

  6. we are bombarded at the mo from our youngest who is almost 3 and becoming quite the little chatterbox, I was surprised the other day though when my oldest who is nearly 10, hasn't had a hair cut in a while as we are growing it not long but sort of shaggy style and at the moment it's looking very helmet blurted out "do I look like a Lego?"

  7. Gah! If only I could remember the gems that come out of the kids mouths when I need to!

    Some funny ones, Carys couldn't remember the word Fudge so called it Snodge (our word for booger). She also calls Hokey Pokey, Funky.

    And I've been told I'm fat, my undies are too tight and my teeth are yellow. Thierry was told HE had a fat tummy yesterday as well.

    And we've mistaken a large biker couple for two men instead of a man and a very butch shaved headed lady. That was scary.

    Wish I could remember the real corkers though!

  8. Oh this is one of my fav topics I love to talk about :) Kids are hilarious! I remember one day when driving with our family back when we only had our eldest daughter (how very weird that there was once only 1 child!)she looked at the moon and asked "what was the moon for?", she gave us no time to answer but said "oh I know its where god puts his cheese!".

    I will never forget that one :)

  9. I had to laugh recently in the car with Miss5 telling her cousin all about Jesus.
    Her: You know, Jesus is really big. He's even bigger than the mountain.
    Him: Really?
    Her: Yes, and you know he can do lots of magic tricks too. He could make the swine flu disappear.
    Him: Is Jesus a superhero?
    Her: Yes, he really is.

    Conversation of the year!

  10. Oh I have to laugh, I've just remembered one my brother said when we were kids and a tv ad for pads came on "MUM'S GOT THEM, SHE WEARS THEM ON HER SHOLDERS!" She probably did have pads on her sholders then, but not THOSE type of pads!

    ....and then there's the questions kids ask, there's a whole new blog in that. I've had recently "Why is God invisible? Is it because he's so amazing?"

  11. This has given me a good laugh for the day! I love the shoulder pads one! And Gail's one! Too funny.

    I think I should really carry a notebook around to write down what the kids say EAXACTLY as they say it... I always think I'll remember but then it gets all fuzzy in my mummy brain and it's gone...

    The funniest lately was my daughter going on about how healthy "Soil Milk" is (Soy) and then asking, "So mum is it made of real Soil?"


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