13 July 2009

Meet Irina

I haven't made softies for ages... this whole crochet addiction may have something to do with it, and my mending pile that puts me off making anything (because I know I should do the mending first!).

But today I actually FORCED myself to finish one I had started ages ago... and it actually felt really good to finish one of the many half-finished projects piling up on my sewing desk.

Mending is something that I have never done in the past (I always gave it to my mum), but now that I have a sewing machine I have started to do my own (like a good mother should). I must say - I can't believe how often the boys rip their boxer shorts, pyjamas and jeans!

Anyway, back to Irina... if you like here, she is awaiting adoption here or here.

And hopefully I will have some more softies finished soon (but that does depend on how many more ripped undies I am going to have to mend in the next week).


  1. She's very cute, love her, love the fabrics!

  2. soooo cute! I love her baby.

  3. Lovely little softie!

  4. she's gorgeous Kristy!
    I have a pile of mending and to-dos and want-to-dos. I so need motivation! Might start with the boring mending first....

  5. oh she's awesome but I love Wesley better :) will wait till I hear feedback and then let you know...

  6. Love the sarcasm darling!

  7. I love her little mini-me baby in the pocket. And gorgeous colors.
    GREAT family photo, how hard is it to get all the kids looking properly at the camera and not pulling silly faces!

  8. I love this! What a great job you did on this little matryoshka


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