Pyjama Dance Party

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Early this morning (like around 6am) I heard the courier van dropping off a parcel... and I just knew it was my long awaited Switchfoot "The Best Yet" CD/DVD.

Tonight we decided as a family (while eating dinner) to check out the videos on the disc, and I think the inspiration was thanks to Awakening... but the kids decided to have a dance party, pyjama's and all.

Heaps of fun... and a few video clips were made that I will have to store away for future 21st birthdays - the air guitar's and drumming were classic!

I would highly recommend this album... very very cool.

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  1. They are really getting into it aren't they. Even some floors moves going on.

  2. ha ha ha, go for it!

  3. So so so much fun with your kiddies! What memories!


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