Sweet Seventy

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today my lovely parents-in-law celebrated their combined 70th birthday's with their family and special friends.

So many beautiful things were said about them, from their amazing parenting (they had 3 children under 2½ at one stage!) to their passion for life and strong faith in God.

I loved listening to the funny stories shared, seeing the old slides and photo board... great times!

The best part of all was hubby's brother and family surprising everyone by secretly flying over from Australia for the party! Not at all expected, but oh so special.

So Happy Birthday Mum and Dad... you are such a precious couple, an example to us all of love and life lived to the full.

(I am sure after yesterday's post that I can spot the Italian blood in some of the family!)

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  1. How very lovely, you sound like a very happy and blessed family :) What a nice surprise having overseas family to arrive as well, your husbands parents would of been so happy :) Looks like a very cool day (as in awesome not cold like most of our new zealand days at the moment!) x


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