The curse of the bean bag

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, July 04, 2009

I don't know if it's just me... but bean bags and I don't have a very friendly relationship.

I have lost count of bean bag dramas we have had in our house... the times hubby and I have been filling them and one of us hasn't had the zipper opening big enough and whoops... all the beans fall all over the floor. I remember another time when we were trying to do it outside so as not to get balls spilt inside, and then a gust of wind came and blew tiny balls all over the neighbours property (snowing!!).

The next time Wilma did her wee wee on the bag, hubby resorted to pegging the whole bag (with balls still inside) to the clothes line and covering it with washing powder then spraying it down with the hose!

I think we eventually gave up and got rid of those nasty bags (someone probably was super happy to buy them at the local thrift store... if only they knew - hehe). Wilma also went missing soon ater that... maybe she went in search of her beanbags.

How in the world are you supposed to pick them all up again? Vacuuming doesn't always work too well, and shovel & brushes take time... and if the kids see the tiny little balls all over the floor, you can guess what they do... it's like a giant pile of leaves just waiting to be jumped on!

We once had a cat (called Wilma) that thought our bean bags were similar to kitty litter... so you can guess what she was caught doing on the bean bags a few times! And since bean bags aren't cheap... we would tip the polystyrene balls out, try to wash them, wash the covers and start from scratch again. And every time we did the refiling we seemed to have major spillages!

Last night was one of those busy nights where I was in a rush to get the kids fed, bathed and ready for bed before the babysitters arrived... and suddenly I realised that Miss 2 and puppy (Narnia) were missing!

I then realised they were hidden around the corner of the couch and had the bean bag unzipped! Miss 2 was 'experiencing' the joy of playing with the little polystyrene balls, and Narnia (pup) was happily chewing away on them!


Normal bean bags have two zippers, but this naughty one only had one.

Maybe we'll resort to giant cushions instead!

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  1. I gave up on bean bags years ago for this very reason. my mother in law made me some giant cushions instead :)

  2. Oh that is a very timely post indeed. Hubby and I are contemplating a bean bag for the lounge.(In fact went looking for one today) Perhaps we should go for the big cushion instead?

  3. I made bean bag chairs for my grand daughters for Christmas. Instead of filling them with styrofoam, etc... my daughter filled them with her daughters stuffed animals. It makes for good storage for the animals (when you have three little girls there's alot of stuffed animals.) The animmals are soft for sitting on too. I made two bags, one as a liner and one as a cover, for each girl.

  4. What a sweet little whippet (although, by the sounds of it, a bit of a trouble-maker too)!

  5. We have the same problem with our dogs and bean bags. One of them likes to lick the material until it is soft and then tear it to pieces and put the beans everywhere. And they get upset if the beanbags arent in the right position!

  6. laughoutloud for burton pinning it up on the clothes line and hosing it down...good stuff!

  7. oooh frustration!


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