Green Eggs!

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, July 05, 2009

Move over Dr Seuss - we have our own green eggs to go with our ham!

Finally, after 8 long months of waiting (from the baby chicken hatching to laying it's own eggs) our Araucana chicken (she's the light grey chicken at the back in the photo) has laid her first green egg! It's so tiny that it can't even sit in the egg tray in the fridge... but it's a start.

We bought the fertilized eggs 8 months ago to place under our broody chicken (see here) and have been waiting ever since.

I actually started to wonder if Tiger-lily was actually a he (it has happened before folks!).

So now we have this lovely tiny egg. Any ideas of what to make with it???

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  1. How interesting is that!! I've never seen a real green egg, pretty neat!!

  2. Why not bore a tiny hole on each end and blow the insides out? Then shellac it, and keep it like people keep the first dollar they ever make in a frame.

  3. Ive heard it said that eggs are a similar shade to the chicken that laid it. So perhaps the green is a hue of grey?

  4. Very interesting looking egg!


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