Cupcake boys

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, January 10, 2009

My parents bought me a gorgeous little cupcake icing set for Christmas.

So, here I was (by myself) sneaking a little go with the icing bag in the kitchen when the boys appeared... and of course, they both begged to have a go.

I did take great pleasure in watching these two 'men' carefully icing their cupcakes with the greatest of care.

Don't you love men in the kitchen?

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  1. Yummo! I love cupcakes...

  2. Your cupcake icing set is quite popular with your little boys! I love the last photo! It's so pretty and yummy!

  3. Anonymous7:55 am

    Thank you for stopping by my blog - we're all fine now thank you. I so wish we had weather like your lovely beach pics instead of freezing cold and rain :-)Lovely cow bunnies too
    lisa x


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