12 January 2009

Buddy has a home!

I am happy to say that Buddy has a new home... and I did have quite a giggle when I saw who the winner was!

After thining down the entries (i.e. the two naughty husbands... mine for entering, and Sewfunky's husbands extra entries), all 35 names were put in a hat and Master 9 had the priviledge of drawing the winner out. He gave the bits of paper a good mix and dug right down to the bottom...

So congratulations Anya (in Australia) from Art by Anya and Banban designs, Buddy is coming your way soon!

And a big thankyou to everyone who entered, and for all the lovely comments... you never know... I may get a bit addicted to doing softie giveaways... keep your eyes peeled for more!


  1. Master 9?? He looks older! Seriously!

  2. hahaha. Congrats Anya! I'm so jealous. Guess I'll have to just buy another one :) Roll on feb and a bit of pocket money!

  3. Oh how funny....I feel naughty for winning......yet very happy! Sorry everyone else.....Buddy's another kiwi about to cross the ditch!

  4. Neetz3:43 pm

    Congratulations Anya! Lucky lucky!

  5. So funny, she has won a few from you now. HAHAHA. Well done Anya

  6. Congrats Anya!!! :o)

  7. OH! Well next time i will be sure to put my name in there.... those little guys are so cute... and i find your work completely inspiring. Keep up the goodins' ;)



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